Give me an hour and I'll give you 15 tracks that could change you musical horizons forever!! 

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NO ADS!!! NO BULLSHIT!! Just 1 hour of Throat-punching, Face-melting, Cock-rocking, Punk-spitting Alternative tunes!!

Thanks to all the bands that have submitted tracks to the show - we love you!!

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Rock, Metal, Punk and Garage Blues is the order of the day. The Codfather's Alternative Jukebox takes you deep into the musical subcultures in this episode.

Thanks to all the Bands and Artist that have submitted music for this week's show. 

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The Codfather severs up another selection of Rock, Punk, Ska, metal and Alternative gems.

Are you ready to rock?!! 

This week's show is loaded and ready to blast you into the weekend!!

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The Codfather stage dives into the weekend with an Alternative Jukebox not to be missed!! 

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www.thecodfatherdj.comARE YOU READY TO ROCK?!!!

The Codfather rips open a new pack of Musical Allsorts of Punk, Metal, Rock and Industrial metal.

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The Codfather turns off the bleep machine this week on his Alternative Jukebox show. 






This episode is the Cod's Scallops!! Packed with our favourite musical morsels from the past 12 weeks 


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Are you ready to rock the f**k out of the weekend!! 

The Codfather adopts a filthy rock and dirty blues theme this week 


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